Congratulations! Your DSL Internet Is About to Become Irrelevant

Hey! How are you doing today? I bet you were feeling pretty great before you jumped onto your computer and started browsing the internet. Your internet is pretty slow, right? Well I bet you have DSL. Congratulations, your DLS is outdated, but you probably already knew that. Trying to watch your favorite Kendrick Lamar music video in HD just isn’t happening. It’s almost faster to try watching Money Trees in HD on your smart phone. Look, your DLS just isn’t cutting it anymore, and you know it. All your friends are creating great new social media profiles while you are having issues even pulling up an ebook to read about how slow your DSL is.

You need to switch to some High Speed DSL. I’m not joking, this switch is going to make a huge difference. There are more and more companies out there who are offering the very best services for those who are looking to take the leap into the future, or well i guess the present. Look, you can’t be left behind in the game of internet speeds. There are just things that you need to have access to. How are you going to know what happens to Jesse and Walter White on Breaking bad if you are always waiting for Netflix to buffer? How are you going to be able to keep up with your date’s playful banter about the new episodes of Parks and Rec if you can’t even log onto Hulu? There are so many golden nuggets of information that could be right at the tips of your fingers. Are you willing to let the world slip right past you while you are staring endlessly at a loading screen? Think about that one for a second.

Your social life is in jeopardy. Are you really willing to play Russian roulette with your romantic future because you are not up to date with current social norms? Using slow DSL internet is equivalent to being the last caveman who got a fire pit in their cave. I mean honestly, do you want to be stuck in the stone age with Fred Flintstone, or do you want to be walking your dog on a treadmill in the future with George Jetson? The choice is yours, but I know you will make the right one.

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